CAD TRION 6000 : The Love of every musician !


CAD TRION pro24x7The CAD is synonymous with innovative products, great value and superior sonic accuracy.At Pro 24×7, we have the collection of exclusive CAD products for the artists. CAD introduced  first studio condensers to offer superior performance at an affordable price.  CADs Trion Series incorporates sophisticated precision-machined, hand-assembled capsules, low self-noise, heavy-duty metal construction, heritage design and the great sound that CAD is renowned for. All Trion microphones feature dual diaphragms and come equipped with shockmount and heavy-duty aluminum carrying case.

1140005_1-1000x746The multi-pattern condenser provides cardioid, figure 8 and omni-directional polar patterns for flexible capturing in any scenario. The precision-machined, hand assembled capsule delivers optimum sound and clarity. The low mass 1″ gold vapor deposited diaphragms offer an articulate, rich and open sound ideal for studio vocals, choir, classical stringed instruments, piano and acoustic guitar.

CAD Trion 6000 Features:

  • 1.1-inch gold sputtered hand dampened dual diaphragm capsule
  • Omnidirectional, Figure 8, Cardioid patterns
  • High-pass filter / 10dB pad
  • Includes a professional shockmount
  • Aluminum carrying case.

Exceptional sensitivity, low distortion and an extended frequency response make the Trion 6000 an outstanding performer in the digital realm. Discrete Class A electronics provide transparent, accurate sound reproduction. The transformer-coupled output ensures excellent RF immunity, cancellation of cable capacitance, and rejection of induced line noise. A 3-position polar pattern switch provides selection of omnidirectional, cardioid, or figure-8 polar patterns. The highpass filter and the attenuation switches are located on the rear of the mic body and provide the versatility and flexibility demanded in the professional recording environment.

The rugged metal housing and construction provide the durability required to withstand the harsh day-to-day demands of both live and studio applications. Featuring a heritage design, the Trion 6000 offers an aesthetically pleasing industrial profile. Accurate sound reproduction, high SPL capability and superior sonic performance make this a valuable tool for the recording professional. Shock mount and heavy-duty aluminum carrying case are included. 48V phantom power required.

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