Why all major media production companies are choosing ASL BS17 ?

Intercom pro24x7Clear communications between staff at the events it services are vital,  when it comes to media production companies that operates  the film, broadcast, live event, advertising and other industries.  That’s why ASL BS17 comes to the rescue.

All interconnections are made with standard, balanced microphone cable with XLR-3 connectors. Installation requires no expert knowledge, and clear layout of controls assures trouble-free operation with a very short learning curve. A current-driven interconnect loop ensures that operator listening levels do not change as stations are added to or removed from the network. Following are the features of ASL BS17  which is available at pro24x7 ,that makes it a must for every  media production company.

  • Durable, lightweight ABS beltpack.
  • Visual and audible call system, with volume trimmers.
  • Accepts dynamic or electret microphones (phantom powering standard).
  • Separate TALK and CALL buttons with LED indicators for each channel
  • Auto-resetting switch mode power supplies for 110 V or 240 V mains.
  • Proprietary frequency correction for enhanced intelligibility.
  • Automatic headset detection.
  • Auxiliary program input.

ASL B17 is a portable 1-channel intercom station, housed in a compact, low-profile, strong ABS case and comes with with a rugged nylon belt clip: stronger than ABS, but kinder to clothes than metal clips. It offers both visual and volume-adjustable audio call signaling; works with electret or dynamic mic headsets; external access to adjustable mic gain; and has plenty of power for clean listening signal in virtually any situation.

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