Why E22 Lynx Sound card is perfect for small home based studios ?

sound card If you want to create a recording studio in your bedroom or basement with a computer, then a high performance audio card such as a E22 PCI  card will be an excellent addition. With a little computer know-how, one can pop open the tower and install it easily.

Since 1998, Lynx has provided high-reliability add-in cards engineered for 24/7 operation. E22 PCI Express cards are designed to fulfill the most demanding professional recording and broadcast studio requirements. Built upon the legacy of the industry-leading LynxONE and LynxTWO cards, the E series takes a leap forward to offer the highest performance A/D and D/A conversion system ever incorporated into a PCI Express card.

E22 cards utilize sophisticated design methodologies to achieve high performance levels. Components are meticulously chosen to support low noise and distortion. Circuit topologies are compact and cancel external noise pickup. Capacitors with solid dielectrics provide high reliability and long life.

The E series utilizes a unique scheme to generate supply rails that are extremely low noise while being very tolerant of poorly designed computer power supplies.

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