Aurora 8TB (Lynx) : Must for a Professional Recording Studio !

auroraThe Aurora 8TB from Lynx Studio is a professional 8-channel AD/DA converter that supports up to 24-bit / 192 kHz conversion. It is designed to accommodate a multitude of professional recording studio and live sound applications.LT-TB Thunderbolt card installed allows for daisy-chaining and direct connection to Mac or PC .

The Aurora 8TB provides 8 channels of analog I/O and 8 channels of digital AES/EBU I/O and can be mounted using a single rack space. It is equipped with three DB-25 connectors: one for analog inputs 1-8, one for analog outputs 1-8 and one for digital AES/EBU inputs 1-8 and outputs 1-8. It can be digitally connected via AES/EBU to your existing interface for adding additional I/O to your studio or live rig, and it can be connected to an analog patchbay via the analog DB-25 ports for routing to and from outboard analog equipment.Armed with SynchroLock jitter reduction for clear digital audio.

Additionally, the Aurora 8TB features BNC word clock input and output for slaving to an external digital clock source, or for using the Aurora 8TB as the master clock. It also has a 16 channel digital mixer for flexible routing, MIDI I/O plus an LSlot expansion bay that comes with the LT-TB Thunderbolt card installed from the factory. The LT-TB allows you to daisy-chain up to six Aurora converters on a single Thunderbolt port on Mac or PC. Additional interface cards for Pro Tools HD, USB 2.0, MADI and ADAT protocols are available.Also has an extensive remote control capability via Lynx AES16, IrDA and MIDI.

At Pro 24x 7 , we offer everything to fulfill the dynamic needs of media & broadcasting Industry.Besides Aurora 8TB  we are also providing products like J K Audio Remote Mix,  J K Audio Innkeeper,  Senon Multi – HDMI + ROI , BON BMQ 100, Yellobrik – OTX 1812, Yellobrik – ORX 1802, ADC  PPE1224 SVJT, Yellobrik – 1900 & 1902, ASL  HD 181.


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