What makes CAD GXL3000 Pro Studio Microphone a great grab?

This  cleverly designed CAD GXL3000 Condenser Microphone captures clear and detailed sound. This Wired microphone ensures an uninterrupted transmission of sound. It includes Dual Impedance, Omni-Directional for added functionality. This is a Cardioid, Omnidirectional microphone and can be used for Professional use.These are the reasons why CAD GXL3000 is an awesome choice.


  1. CAD GXL3000 sounds as good on vocals and instruments as mics costing seven times as much.
  2. CAD GXL3000  is budget-priced studio condenser mic with pro features and sound.
  3. It does particularly well on acoustic piano.
  4. 3 polar patterns allow close, ambient, and M/S stereo miking.
  5. The GXL3000 Pro Studio is a large diameter, multi-pattern, condenser microphone. High sensitivity and low distortion make the GXL3000 an ideal mic for recording, broadcast, and sound reinforcement, including vocal and instrument applications.
  6. The capsule in the CAD GXL3000 features a 1″ gold vapor deposited diaphragm.
  7. Each GXL3000 microphone is audio tested and inspected under the direction of CAD Professional Microphones, offering an exceptional level of value.
  8. A Handheld/Stand-Held style microphone, this model provides a comfortable usage even after long hours.

Interested in sound ,music studio, broadcasting and media products?


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