Get TX2500 V2 FM Transmitter for that Perfect Broadcasting.

tx2500v2aTX2500 V2 FM Transmitter is packed with features to improve sound quality and reliability.It has integrated multi-band DSPX audio processing that means stations without a dedicated processor you will sound great, right out of the box.

1.It also has one of the industry’s cleanest exciters and an ultra-low distortion modulator which go to make it a highly stable FM transmission system.

2. With Gold Clamp Transistors and Slide-in Power Supplies on-site repairs have never been simpler. In case your transmitter fall foul of lightning strikes or power fluctuations, parts can be changed in a couple of minutes and you’re back on air.

3. A truly innovative heatsink design ensures ultra-long life, thanks to ingenious airflow.

4. Its powered with Ethernet Remote Control (click for online demo), Email Alerts, Silence Detection, Advanced Alarms as well as an In-built Logger making it the most Intelligent transmitter.

5. Configurable Status and Alarm Ports, to signal to, and control external equipment. This will alert you to issues and offer solutions to keep you on air. For example, it can be configured to switch on back-up audio or back-up transmitters should it detect a problem.

6. Analogue, Digital and Composite Inputs give maximum flexibility to interface with any existing and future audio chains, alleviating compatibility problems and future proofing your equipment.

7. FSK ID Keyer as standard for translators removes the need for external hardware or hourly audible announcements and offers broadcasters a one-box solution for their translator sites.

8. Flexible and extensive Web Mail, SNMP, Telnet and Serial Remote Control that will keep you aware and in control of your station’s transmission, and allow you to interact with your transmitter using the method that you prefer.

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