Transmit, Receive or 2-way Handsfree: Daptor Three (JK Audio)

Daptor-Three-compJK Audio products are known to be toughly built as per the standards of the broadcast industry. Using a diecast aluminum enclosure and rugged components throughout, Daptor Three is built to take real world abus.The JK Audio Daptor Three is an audio interface designed specifically for use with cell phones and cordless phones.

The Daptor Three feature Bluetooth wireless technology for interfacing with cell-phones, cordless-phones and computers without cables. The Daptor Three is an easy and efficient solution for telephone interviews, live broadcasts, etc. Bluetooth wireless technology enables the Daptor Three to interface with cell phones and cordless phones without cables and hard-wired connections.

The Daptor Three is perfectly capable of connecting with virtually any Bluetooth compatible device, such as laptops.

Daptor Three now functions as either a Master or Headset device. In Master mode, Daptor Three connects to headsets or headset type devices, transmitting A2DP audio, or initiating a 2-way voice band connection to a headset. In Headset mode, Daptor Three connects to wireless phones, computers, or Bluetooth dongles, receiving A2DP audio or a 2-way Hands Free connection.


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