Lynx Green Machine in India

The Lynx GreenMachine is a new concept of a video and audio processing platform. The processing hardware is a generic processing unit with a certain set of in and outputs and processing power.A global view of your virtual greenMachine system – from a single system all the way to hundreds of units.Yes, your system can support virtually unlimited scalability.

It allows you to pan & zoom around your entire system from a distant global view all the way down to the intricate signal paths, connections andcontrols – all with a mouse.An exceptional visualization and organization tool, yet so much more!By installing the different APPs the greenMachine units can be turned into a tailored processing unit to fit exactly your requirements.

You are not limited to one APP per GreenMachine, APPs can be mixed, matched and combined to custom build the desired functionality and work-flow in each individual processing channel.

Without any APPs installed the hardware has no real functionality aside from very rudimentary setup functions for basic configuration like IP settings and I/O signal monitoring. This is an extremely powerful hardware design using the very latest high speed programmable Xylinx technology as well as dual ARM processors. A technology solution ready for today and also the future with a flexible APP. Now Lynx GreenMachine in India at

+91 95600 72600

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