You’ll never regret choosing the BW Broadcast ModMon encore!

The BW Broadcast ModMon encore combines the technology from our award winning receivers and combines it with our lab reference grade audio processing technology to bring you a single box capable of analysing both FM and baseband signals. If you are doing anything with an FM or MPX signal – this box is what you need.

Here are the reasons that you will never regret choosing the BW Broadcast ModMon encore.

  • FM, MPX & RDS Decoding, metering & analysis make this product the swiss army knife of RF and audio modulation monitoring.
  • Always on’ front panel high resolution LED meters offer full confidence metering of the FM and composite signals, easily switchable between dual tuners and dual MPX inputs.
  • Monitor two FM frequencies and / or two MPX inputs simultaneously – with one button analysis comparison of you and your competition, or two audio processors.
  • Stereo (MPX) generation & peak limiting with advanced anti-aliased protection distortion control or peaks and bandwidth.
  • RDS encoder (UECP compliant) broadcasts your station ID, song and title and much more. Built in as standard!
  • Plan B Silence Detection and Source Switching automati-cally reverts to auxiliary audio sources or on-board flash memory, keeping your broadcast on air.
  • HTML5, FTP, Telnet, SNMP & RS232 Remote Control with IP streaming allows you to monitor and control your processor from anywhere in the world. Even listen in over an IP connection.
  • A flexible and versatile action and alerts system brings together back panel GPIO at digital and analogue levels of your choosing, integrating it with an easy to set up ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ set of actions.



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