RTW 1204A : Universal table-top for precise monitoring!

RTW 1204A is used in a wide range of applications requiring precise monitoring of levels and mono compatibility conforming to DIN, IRT and IEC standards. It well suited for being used as reference instruments with audio workstations, control rooms, video post-production suites or PA systems.

Following are the features of the RTW 1204A

  • It displays level, peak level and loudness
  • It has got Additional phase meter
  • It conforms to DIN, IRT and IEC standards
  • It consists peak memory, peak hold, gain
  • Calibration mode for exact level setting
  • It has got 3-color, 106 precision LED bargraph display for each channel
  • RTW 1204A requires less space & ensures best reading.
  • Fixed connection cable (2 m long), external power supply 24 V (included)
  • 1204A and 1205D available in light grey or black (-SW versions)



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