AKG C5 Professional Microphone : For that gold-plated sound

With the C5 professional condenser vocal microphone, your voice will cut through the loudest mix – on any stage. Its cardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback and has been optimized for use with in-ear monitor systems.
An attachable presence boost adapter offers the unique choice of two sound flavors for a superior audio performance. A gold-plated transducer case protects the capsule from corrosion and humidity.
The solid die-cast housing and its extremely rugged grille construction make the C5 an easy to use, reliable companion for tough stage jobs.
Following are the features that makes it worth having at all cost!
  • Delicate cardioid condenser capsule for detailed pickup of unique individual acoustic color

  • 24-carat gold-plated transducer case for maximum resistance to corrosion and humidity

  • Unique presence boost adapter offers a choice of two different sound flavors

  • Integrated shock absorber system effectively eliminates unwanted handling noises

  • Robust zinc-alloy housing and spring steel grille provide extreme ruggedness for a long stage life

Find  AKG C5 Professional Microphone in India


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  1. Superb microphone. Must for a high quality sound!


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