Why Pro 24×7 ?

radio3Pro24x7 is an online store for the Professional Broadcast & Media Equipment and Accessories . Its an online venture of its parent company Setron India Pvt Ltd having a cumulative experience of 52 years.

BeFunky CollageWith International alliance with the companies like ASL Intercom, BON, BW Broadcast, CAD, ikan, JK Audio, Konvision,  LYNXTechnik AG, Tascam, Senon and ADC, pro24x7 is able to provide the best products from all over the world.Whether you are in live broadcast, Media production, distribution, display, exhibition , pro24x7  have complete solution that will work for you.

Currently company is focusing on the Media & Broadcasting products like Voice Processor, broadcast / Field Monitors, FM Transmitters, Microphones, On-Air Studio Lights, Sound cards,Telephone Hybrids, Installed Sound equipment, FM Amplifiers, Mux / De-Mux, SENON- Multi Convertor, Patch Panels, Splitters / Combiners, Audio Delay, Headphones,A/D – D/A Converters.

Pro 24×7 provides equipments with genuine OEM warranties as per their guidelines. It also offer extended warranties to match your project needs.

Are you looking for Broadcasting and Media Pro Equipment ?

Contact :


Broadcasting and Media Pro Equipment Delhi | Broadcasting and Media Solutions  | Media & Broadcasting products online | Installed Sound equipment | FM Amplifiers


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